Skuodas district municipality

  Administrative centre – Skuodas
  Area – 911 km² (17.5 % of the county’s area)
  Population – 23 783 (6.3 % of the county’s population)
  Wards – Aleksandrija, Barstyčiai, Ylakiai, Lenkimai, Mosėdis, Notėnai,   Skuodas town, Skuodas, Šačiai

Skuodas district municipality is situated in the northern part of Klaipėda county, at the border with Latvia. The largest part of the municipality is located on the uplands of Žemaičiai and Vakarų Kuršas. Skuodas district is crossed by the Bartuva with tributaries the Apšė and Luoba, and the Šventoji; there are 6 lakes (the largest ones – Kalčiai, Laumiai). The municipality covers a part of the Žemaitija National Park, Salantai Regional Park; there are 9 reserves. The percentage share of wooded area is not high. Agricultural land makes up as much as 70.8 %, forests – 19.5 %, roads – 2.3 %, built-up area – 2.1 %, water bodies – 2.4 %, other land – 2.9 % of the municipality.

There is one town – Skuodas, and four townships – Barstyčiai, Ylakiai, Lenkimai and Mosėdis. The centre of the municipality – Skuodas town, just 2 km to the south from the border with Latvia. The town was first mentioned in 1253, when a master of the Livonian Order and a Courland (Kuršas) bishop were dividing the land. In 1572, J. Chodkevičius (I. Chodkiewicz), in order to make use of the geographic location of the town and stimulate its growth, procured it with Magdeburg rights. In 1918–1940, Skuodas was a district (valsčius), since 1950 – district centre.

Currently, wood processing, manufacture of furniture, rural tourism are developed in the district; there are construction and repair, car transport, car repair and trade service and other enterprises. There are several enterprises producing confectionery and bakery products. Production of wooden toys could also be mentioned. Geographic location of Skuodas district is favourable; there is a good road network for carrying agricultural products to Klaipėda, Palanga and other cities and towns, as well as to Latvia and other foreign countries.

The main recreational areas in Skuodas district municipality are the Youth Park (Jaunimo parkas), which is connected with the Skuodas mansion site by a chain of three bridges, the dam of Skuodo Jūra (Bartuva reservoir), Mosėdis, Ylakiai and Lenkimai townships.

A special place in Skuodas district – Mosėdis – is a mecca for tourists in Žemaitija region. There is a unique Stone Museum founded by V. Intas – a park where boulders from Eastern, Central and Western Finland, the Gulf of Finland, Aland Islands, the Gulf of Bothnia, Southern, Cenral and Northern Sweden are placed in a sequential geographic order. In the Stone Valley, various events take place in the summertime – international folklore, country music festivals, open-air merrymaking events (so-called gegužinės). Mosėdis township, which inherited a lively natural environment with old alleys, a water mill and a pond, has become a geological-botanical park-museum.

In Skuodas district municipality, in terms of cultural and historical monuments, artistic values dominate – sculptures, small chapels, paintings, altars as appurtenances of churches, parts of cemeteries or mansions, most of them being of the 19th–beginning of the 20th century, although there are also bells, Stations of the Cross, benches of the 18th century. The oldest values are stored in Skuodas, Ylakiai and Mosėdis, Aleksandrija churches.

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