Panevėžys district municipality

  Administrative centre – Panevėžys
  Area – 2178 km² (27.6 % of the county’s area)
  Population – 42 986 (15.1 % of the county’s population)
  Wards – Karsakiškis, Krekenava, Miežiškiai, Naujamiestis, Panevėžys,   Raguva, Ramygala, Smilgiai, Upytė, Vadokliai, Velžys

Panevėžys district municipality is located on the lowlands of the Mūša-Nemunėlis and Nevėžis, with plains dominating the landscape.  There is the Krekenava Regional Park, Žalioji giria botanical reserve. There is the Lėvuo River with a tributary the Pyvesa, and the Nevėžis with tributaries the Juoda, Upytė, Juosta, Kiršinas. There are 12 lakes and 11 ponds. The largest forests – those of Žalioji giria, Gilėnai, Gėlainiai, Raguva, Gustonys. Agricultural land makes up 57.1 %, forests – 34.1 %, roads – 1.7 %, built-up area – 2.1 %, water bodies – 2.1 %, other land – 2.8 % of the municipality.

 There is one town – Ramygala, and eight townships – Geležiai, Krekenava, Miežiškiai, Naujamiestis, Raguva, Smilgiai, Šilai, Vadokliai.

The administrative centre of the municipality – Panevėžys, which, however, does not fall within the territory of the district municipality.

The geographical location of the district is favourable – it is crossed by important national and international roads and highways: Šiauliai–Panevėžys–Vilnius, Riga–Kaunas–Warsaw, Daugavpils–Panevėžys–Kaunas. Food (orientated towards the manufacture of meat and meat products, grain processing), light and building materials industry is developed. Soils are mainly fertile, favourable for farming. Rich cultural heritage and treasured natural environment allow developing recreational tourism. The unique features of the district – an aerodrome, a narrow-gauge railway and large hunting areas – become increasingly attractive for the development of alternative activities.

There are more than 160 cultural monuments, the most important whereof – Upytė castle site (Čičinskas Hill), old parts of Krekenava and Ramygala, Tiltagaliai chapel, Memenčiai chapel, art works in the church of St John the Baptist in Ramygala, the church of the Holy Spirit in Truskava, the church of the Assumption in Krekenava and other churches.

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