Pakruojis district municipality

  Administrative centre – Pakruojis
  Area – 1316 km² (15.4 % of the county’s area)
  Population – 27 432 (7.8 % of the county’s population)
  Wards – Guostagalis, Klovainiai, Lygumos, Linkuva, Pakruojis, Pašvitinys,   Rozalimas, Žeimelis

Pakruojis district municipality is located in the north-eastern part of Šiauliai county, at the border with Latvia. The largest part of the area is covered by the lowlands of Žiemgala and Mūša-Nemunėlis. There are two state-protected parks. The municipality is crossed by the Mūša River with its tributaries the Kruoja, Daugyvenė, Šiladis. There are 9 ponds. There are a few forests, the largest whereof – Rozalimas, Gedžiūnai, Pakruojis, Klusiškiai. There are spruce, birch, aspen woods. Agricultural land makes up 71.4 %, forests – 19.5 %, roads – 1.6 %, built-up area – 2.3 %, water bodies – 2.0 %, other land – 3.1 % of the municipality.

There are two towns – Linkuva and Pakruojis, and five townships – Klovainiai, Lygumos, Pašvitinys, Rozalimas and Žeimelis. The administrative centre of the municipality – Pakruojis town, first mentioned in 1565.

In the district, small enterprises, producing bakery products and confectionery, flax fibre, timber, ceramic products, crushed dolomite, are prevalent. Soil is favourable for growing various agricultural crops. It is an important region of agriculture and manufacture of building materials. One of the key preconditions for the effective functioning of the economy of Pakruojis district are small and medium enterprises; therefore, considerable attention is paid to the promotion of activity of such enterprises, development of progressive agriculture and tourism.

Cultural and natural tourism potential of Pakruojis district is still underused. One of the directions for strategic development of the region – development of tourism, related with the formation of new image of the district, orientated towards inter-district, interregional and international cooperation.

It is planned to reconstruct, partly rebuild and readjust the Pakruojis mansion, to renovate the park surrounding the park and environs of the river, to open there a hotel, a café, a modern conference centre, health and craft centres, to develop an active action programme, which would aim at the stimulation of the development of cultural and recreational tourism in Pakruojis region, as well as making use of local historical, archaeological, cultural and natural resources. The plan is to create conditions for local and international communication, active recreation, cultural needs by implementing the foreseen project and creating a modern, effective infrastructure, capable of satisfying various tourists’ needs.

Important cultural monuments are a church of Our Lady of the Rosary and an ensemble of buildings of a former monastery in Linkuva, Triškoniai chapel, a complex of two pubs in Žeimelis. There is the Pakruojis mansion, where a Frenchman Dubois de Montpereux, who was teaching there sometime, prepared and published the first geological map of Lithuania. In Rimkūnai, an archbishop J. Skvireckas, one of the founders of the Lithuanian Catholic Academy of Science, was born. Traditional celebrations take place, which grow to become regional events (a folklore festival  Žiemgala, a festival of folk musicians Pupų Dėdės armonika, a festival of choirs Aušra aušrelė, a festival of wind orchestras, a festival of amateur theatres and a Clown Theatre Festival, a Book Festival). Many spectators are annually attracted by motocross competitions in the Petrašiūnai motocross track and a bike show in Paežeriai. The annual Pakruojis town festival becomes an increasingly convivial and colourful celebration.

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